BlackBerry Training


blackberry training

The BlackBerry is still one of the most popular smartphones available. Used by millions of professionals it is their life-line to work. Can this phone and email reader be much more? Unlocking a BlackBerry’s potential will help you get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time.


Attendees will learn why the BlackBerry is so much more than a phone and email reader.  The tips and tricks will have you excited to get to work with your ‘New’ device.  It takes only 90 minutes in this hands-on, learning by doing, session and you’ll be ready to get more done while you are away from the office so that you can get more done while in the office.

Measurable Course Goals

  • Save 15 days a year

  • 80% improve workplace safety

  • 95% achieve significant boost in productivity

  • 100% increase in sharing of BlackBerry insights

Course Benefits

  • 50 amazing – BlackBerry shortcuts

  • Time‐saving strategies and setting changes

  • New ways to manage and use info on your SmartPhone

  • Improved work/life balance, etiquette, and driving safety

Who Should Attend

  • BlackBerry Curve, Bold, Tour, World Edition, and Torch users

  • Anyone doing more and more work on their BlackBerry SmartPhone

  • Professionals eager to leverage technology to take their careers to the next level

Training Options

  • In person

  • Webinar

"My BlackBerry finally is a productivity tool. Why don’t we learn these tips and tricks right from the start? It was a class filled with oooohs, aaaaahs, and aha moments. Fabulous!"

- Biotech CLO