Hire on a WHIM


hire on a whim

There is no mistake more costly to an organization than a poor hire.  Poor hires devastate productivity, damage morale, impede progress and innovation, and lead to turnover. The cost of replacing a poor hire can be anywhere from 25%-200% of their annual salary. There are ways to achieve greater hiring success rates.


This 3-4 hour interactive course will have each attendee ready to hire the best.  Attendees will look at resumes in a whole new light. Old interview questions come alive as you tune in to what really matters in a prospective hire.  Attendees will learn how to identify and hire the four qualities that you must hire because you cannot teach. The most common response to this module is “Garrett now I know why certain employees didn’t work out.  I wish I had known this years before.”

Measurable Course Goals

  • Increase retention and reduction in turnover

  • Decrease HR interventions

  • Decrease time to hire and reduce time of open positions

Course Benefits

  • Managers will spend less time on employee interventions & more time building winning teams

  • HR resources can be spent on positive initiatives instead of problem cases

  • Filling openings quicker and keeping positions filled will increase productivity and will lift burdens that often fall on others who are left to fill gaps

  • As turnover decreases and retention increases significant resources can be transferred from recruiting and hiring and invested into profit driven activities

  • Hiring the right qualities will ensure greater cultural fit. 

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone who is involved in the hiring process

  • Human Resource professionals

  • Professionals eager to improve their interviewing skills

  • Hiring managers

  • Professionals involved in recruiting

Training Options

  • In person

"I wish I had this course 8 years ago when I first became a manager. Hire on a WHIM is an easy and repeatable system that works! I now realize that there are areas where there can be no compromise when hiring. By keeping to this system I save myself and the candidate much heartache and pain. Loved it."

- Senior Manager – CT, Pharma Fortune 125