What is WHIM?


what is whim?

WHIM™ is designed to help users understand the four elements that make for highly productive individuals.

WHIM™ is found in a series of books and training sessions that help teach attendees how to understand use WHIM™ as a tool to equip children, students and employees with the DNA that is found in successful individuals.

  • Hire on a WHIM™

  • Teach on a WHIM™

WHIM™ is valuable because it is an easy to remember acronym that can be used in the home, classroom, or boardroom. WHIM™ is:

Work Ethic: A set of values based on the moral virtues of consistent hard work and diligence.
In short: A diligent response.

Humility: The willingness to be taught or corrected and the desire to honor others before self.
In short: A teachable response.

Integrity: A commitment to make the correct moral and ethical decision, even when forces are telling and pulling one to do otherwise. 
In short: The ethical response.

Maturity – Wisdom, born out of life events that give individuals the ability to express the right emotion at the right intensity and the discernment to interpret other’s emotions.
In short: An appropriate response.

WHIM™ – training classes and keynote topics

Hire on a WHIM™

This 3-4 hour interactive course will have each attendee ready to hire the best.  Attendees will look at resumes in a whole new light. Old interview questions come alive as you tune in to what really matters in a prospective hire.  Attendees will learn how to identify and the four qualities that you must hire because you cannot teach. The most common response to this module is “Garrett, now I know why certain employees didn’t work out.  I wish I had known this years before.”

Teach on a WHIM™

Corporate surveys continue to express concern that recent graduates are not prepared for the working world. Graduates may have the skills needed to enter the workforce but they are missing some of the qualities that make for great employees.

Attendees will learn why teachers and professors are in a unique and honored position to help develop these life-skills. Teach on a WHIM™ will help every attendee fully grasp the concepts that lie behind the acronym. They will discover that their days are filled with learning opportunities and teachable moments. The time to make lasting imprints on these student’s hearts is limited. As educators we can not be content to graduate smart students, they must be prepared students!